Apple //e

Besides some yellowing of the casing, I acquired a well-loved 1984 Apple //e in good cosmetic condition. This set belongs to a member of Retro Computing SG, which he kindly donated to me.
The set comes with a monitor and the main computer unit, cables, and cover. The power supply was not working and will need some fixing or replacement. The disk drive and floppy disk is not currently with the unit but will be available in the future. (due to travel restrictions)

This Computer brings back fond memories, First used the Apple //e as a 13-year boy in school, The Computer was newly installed, and I begged my teacher to let me join the computer club. Won some programming contests with it and is one of the factors that aspires as a programmer. (the other is the ZX spectrum)

The inside of the Computer unit looks good but will need some cleaning.

Internal parts in its original condition.

I did a quick inspection of the Power Supply Unit hoping for a quick and simple fix, but sadly It will need more work; I will replace it with a modern and more efficient switching power supply. (Unit has already been recapped by the original owner.)

Slots are populated with a Disk controller, Printer card, 64KB 80column card, Z80 CP/M card and an unknown card with a speaker.

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